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This course is a comprehensive study of the bible with an emphasis on understanding the Kingdom of God. You will understand not only its concepts and principles but also the purpose and intentions behind God's creation and actions.
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This course is divided into 3 main chapters:

  • God's Original Plan

    This Lesson covers the book of Genesis Chapter 1 to Genesis Chapter 3. You will understand the purpose of God's creating the earth, humans, and the laws of creation.

  • The Transition Plan

    This Lesson covers the book of Genesis Chapter 4 to Malachi. We will cover the old testament and understand God's reintroduction of His eternal plan to humans

  • The Ultimate Plan

    This Lesson covers the books of the New Testament and will give you a deep and proper understanding of Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Church, and the end of times in the context of the Kingdom of God

Our Teacher

Senior Instructor

Hubert Sugira Hategekimana

Hubert is a cross-cultural leader, whose life journey has taken him from Rwanda to Europe and Canada. He has a passion for connecting people to their destiny by focusing on the process of self-manifestation – from purpose discovery to vision development and destiny fulfillment. As a survivor of the 1994 genocide, which took the lives of over one million people in 100 days, Hubert knows firsthand how oppressive leadership philosophies can cause calamity and atrocity to individuals, communities, and nations. With strong convictions he teaches Leadership principles that empower rather than oppress, focus on character instead of charisma, and encourage a biblical based perspective of self to help people connect and fulfill their God-given destinies. Hubert has undergone extensive training in the areas of self-discovery and leadership development under the tutelage of world-renowned government consultant and best-selling author, the late Dr. Myles Munroe. He had the privilege of traveling with Dr. Munroe, accompanying him to private sessions with diplomats and government officials in the United States of America, Africa, and the Caribbean. Hubert has been a featured speaker at multiple leadership conferences across the globe including Europe, Africa, North America, and the Caribbean. His Amazon Best Seller book, Understanding Sonship: The Master Key To Unlock Your Destiny, and his sought after video seriesMastering Relationships, help people to have balanced relationships in all walks of life that allow them to identify and unlock their area of leadership gifting through proper interactions with authority, one another, and at the same time help leaders to build a lasting legacy. Hubert is a Trustee of the International ThirdWorld Leaders Association (ITWLA). He is the founder of the Ambassadors Center of Excellence, a training center where he teaches time-tested principles for impactful living. Hubert is also a co-founder and Managing Director of Seruka Youth Cup, the only monthly Youth Tournament in Africa. He attributes his success to the love, support, and wisdom of his best friend and wife, Jennifer. They reside in Kigali, Rwanda with their three beautiful children, Kayla, Ketsia, and Klemes.

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